Beekeepers Sugar Shake

Beekeepers Sugar Shake

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Check for varroa mite and other arthropod pests!

Made right here in Kyneton, our Sugar Shake containers will help you comply with Victoria’s bee biosecurity regulations.  With a stainless steal mesh lid, we've included a bag of pure icing sugar and instructions on the label, so you're ready to go.   


 Further Information:

  1. Check out this Sugar Shake Fact Sheet from Plant Health Australia 
  2. How-to video:  View this link as we take you through our own recent Sugar Shake test

Just  friendly reminder to all Victorian Beekeepers: 

Livestock Disease Control Regulation - Reg74B - In Victoria, a beekeeper must test one hive per apiary for the presence of arthropod bee disease, two or more times a year. The test must include a drone uncapping and a sugar shake or alcohol wash.