The Beauty of Beeswax Bloom

Pure beeswax, when stored for around 6 months or more, will develop a powdery white hue on its surface, known as "bloom". It's important to note that beeswax bloom is a natural and harmless occurrence, not mould. The wax itself remains safe for humans and honeybees, and the bloom does not affect the quality or functionality of the wax.

This phenomenon occurs due to the migration of some of the components within the wax to the surface. Beeswax is composed of a mixture of long-chain fatty acids, esters, and hydrocarbons, arranging themselves in a crystalline structure. Exposure to temperature variations, especially cooling and then warming, prompts some constituents of the wax to migrate to the surface.

The result is a hazy or powdery coating on the surface of the beeswax, often comprised of tiny crystals adjusting to temperature changes.


Bloom can form on your beeswax foundation sheets, candles, and any stored beeswax for that matter. If you have a frosty-looking frame of foundation or drawn-out honeycomb, they are perfectly healthy and natural to be given back to your bees.

Some people prefer to remove the bloom for aesthetic reasons, which is easily done with the application of heat (from a hair dryer, for example) or by gently rubbing with a soft cloth. Once removed, the bloom will eventually return if stored again for a new period of time.

So, enjoy the beauty of the bloom! It's a natural occurrence that appears on the purest beeswax, and its presence is exactly as nature intended.

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