About Us


After fifteen years of city living, we moved to the country in search of our own version of “The Good Life”. We found a place to call home on an acre and a bit, where we created space for chickens, fruit, vegetables and of course.. bees.

Still working in corporate Melbourne at the time, we designed, built and cultivated a food garden that we could easily maintain, despite our busy schedules. We built a predator-proof chicken coop with a large run, so our chickens could still enjoy foraging in the sunshine whilst we were at work. Once this was done, we built seven wicking beds which have yielded amazing quantities of produce with only a brief top up of water required, once per week.
The real game changer for us though, was our journey into backyard beekeeping. Our food production almost doubled and the zen time we gained as we (still) continue to learn from these important pollinators, has been life changing.
Waggle & Forage is the story of two women living a slower, more sustainable life. After five years, it’s our first foray into sharing our journey publicly and we hope it fosters community connection and collaboration amongst those who are also seeking a slower, more sustainable lifestyle.
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Best wishes,
Jo & Allison
Waggle & Forage