Honeybee Food Co - Bee Fondant

Honeybee Food Co - Bee Fondant

Introducing Honeybee Food Co.'s Apis Meliffera Fondant – the ultimate solution for nourishing your bees with ease and efficiency. Unlike traditional sugar syrup, our bee fondant is meticulously crafted to be readily digestible upon consumption, providing your bees with instant sustenance without the need for extensive processing.

Should I feed Sugar Syrup Or Bee Fondant?

An easy way to think of the different feeding options is this:

  • Sugar syrup mimics nectar flow. 
  • Fondant mimics capped honey.

Sugar syrup certainly serves its purpose, especially during warm, dry weather, mimicking a nectar flow which can help hydrate your colony and stimulate brood growth.  However, syrup does require significant effort on the part of the honeybee before it becomes suitable for consumption. Nectar collected by bees undergoes a complex transformation process within their bodies, involving storage in the honey crop, enzymatic conversion in the honey stomach, and subsequent dehydration in honeycomb cells, before it becomes honey for a bee to consume.

In contrast, Honeybee Food Co.'s bee fondant eliminates the need for such laborious processing. Our fondant is meticulously formulated to resemble the nutritional profile of fully capped honey, making it a convenient and efficient feeding solution. Bees can effortlessly nibble on the fondant directly, much like they would with honey, bypassing the need to dehydrate large volumes of water.

This simplicity makes our Apis Meliffera Fondant ideal for winter feeding and early spring, providing bees with essential nutrients. With Honeybee Food Co.'s bee fondant, ensure the well-being and vitality of your hive with unparalleled convenience and effectiveness.



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