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Queen Bee Marker Cage

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Queen Bee Marker Cage

Marking your Queen can help you identify her during an inspection.

Waggle & Forages Queen marker cage has a plunger that you can gently lower to bring the Queen to the mesh. The soft foam on the end of the plunger ensures your Queen is safe when marking takes place.  

Queen Bee Marking Colours

Don’t forget there are five colours that are recognised Internationally and the colour you use depends on the year the Queen was born. As a Queen doesn’t live more than 5 years, the colours reset on the 6th year

For year ending in:

  • 1 or 6 = White (or grey)
  • 2 or 7 = Yellow
  • 3 or 8 = Red
  • 4 or 9 = Green
  • 5 or 0 = Blue

This colour sequence helps beekeepers remember the age of their Queens.